Stone Angel Band Members


Instruments: Piano Accordion - Flute - Recorders - Crumhorn -Shawm - Tibetan Singing Bowls - Bowed Psaltery.
Vocals: Lead

Joan was there at the beginning & keeps the Kenmeister under control. If it wasn’t for Joan, hubby Ken would waffle on all night about some old piece of wood in a marsh. She's a mean flute puffer and a fine performer of the lung & larynx.
The others jump for joy when its time for a band tuck-in, she's of the fine salad and organic genes.


Instruments: Lowden, McIlroy, Norman and Yamaha Acoustic Guitars - Cittern - Appalachian Dulcimer - Bansitar - Hammer Dulcimer - Percussion.
Vocals: Lead

Ken is the master of ceremonies and the keeper of the Stone Angel flame having formed the band during the time of the black plague.

Always on the look out for a local ditty and a player of all things obscure. A supreme aficionado on all things fluttery -, is he man or moth? Bloke or bat?

The Kenmeister; listen to his next song for the answer.


Guitars: Fender Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster & Hohner 'Jack' Guitars - Acoustic Guitars - Boss Mes Effects - Ebow. Bodhran.
Vocals: Backing

Potentially loud dept of the Angel. - Andrew's background is the local rock scene & alongside David was a part of 'Mainland'.

He's usually armed with big black boxes and guitars with pick-ups. (yukkk!! Enough to make an honest folky choke on his plectrum!!)

All this could worry the Kenmeister a bit, but it's all under control at the back, although on the new CD you may notice that some electric guitars are turned up especially to drown out Ken eating his sandwiches.


Keyboards: Korg M1 - Roland Juno 106 - Alesis SR16 - Programs.
Vocals: Backing

Ming-Ham to his friends, David's background is the local rock scene, being a major force in 'Ten Angry Men' & responsible for the wall of sound in 'Mainland'. Clever with the chords and a keen absorber of the Real Ale.

David's ever increasing collection of broken stands & meaningless bits of disembodied plastic is to be envied, but fear not, he's certified safe in driving the Stone Angel drum machine and a tour de force at band fashion nights!!


Guitars: Fender Precision Bass - Warwick Bass -  Warwick Fretless Bass - Alembic 5-string Bass Vocals: Backing

What can you say about this man? A long musical history too complicated to mention here. Rubbing shoulders with the greats, studio and live sessions aplenty, Geoff is probably the most experienced muso in the band and to celebrate this, the others bow, curtsey and respectfully nod as he leaps into the room.

A slave to his Nissan Micra, and an authority on different types of haircut, this man dovetails his bass-lines wonderfully into the misty & marshy Angel song-scapes. " no frets Geoff, keep those strings a buzzin'."



Producer of current Stone Angel albums.

Studio - The Mill, Winfarthing, Diss, Norfolk.



Former Band Members



Original guitarist with both Midwinter and Stone Angel in the seventies. Richard

Oboe, Cor Anglais.

Richard died tragically in October 2003.


Bass Guitar and Vocals.

Member of the eighties and 'East of the Sun' ensembles.


Bass Guitar and Percussion.

Original seventies and 'Lonely Waters'.

Mick sadly died in January 2020.


Percussion and Vocals.

'Lonely Waters' and 'Circle of Leaves'.


Violin, Mandolin and Vocals
in original line-up.

Now living in China.


Recent News

Our new Stone Angel album WAKE is now available.