The new album is nearing completion, and we hope to release it this year to coincide with the 45th anniversary of the release of the original Stone Angel album.

Sad News – Mick Burroughes died on 25 January 2020. He was Stone Angel’s first bass player, 1974-75, playing on the original Stone Angel LP. He joined us again 2002-2004 for the Lonely Waters Album. A quirky and creative artist, musician, and wordsmith, with songs like “Michael’s Brain” and “The Party” and one which was often in the Stone Angel set, “If I were a swan……. I’d float on and on…..on and on……floating on the tide…..” . Mick will always be “floating” somewhere in the Stone Angel collective conscious!

Ken’s first solo album, Songs for a Rainy Day, has been released recently as a limited edition vinyl LP by Record Collector magazine. See  This follows the similar reissue of his Seashells album a few years back.